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Evasion methods from risk

We will consider in more detail risk management methods as evasion methods from risk.

Evasion methods from risk are most widespread in economic practice, the entrepreneurs preferring to act for certain use them. Evasion methods from risk are subdivided on:

  • refusal of unreliable partners, i.e. aspiration to work only with the reliable, checked partners, not expansion of a circle of partners; refusal of participation in the projects connected with need to expand a circle of partners, refusal of investment and innovation projects, confidence in feasibility or which efficiency raises doubts;
  • refusal of risky projects, i.e. refusal of the innovation and other projects, feasibility or efficiency which raises doubts;
  • risks insurance, the main acceptance of risk reduction, insurance of probable losses serves not only reliable protection against unsuccessful decisions, but also increases the responsibility of the persons making decisions, forcing them belongs to development and decision making more seriously, to regularly hold protective measures according to insurance contracts. However, it is difficult to use the insurance mechanism at development of new products or new technologies as insurance companies have no in such cases sufficient data for carrying out calculations;
  • search of guarantors, thus by search of guarantors, as well as at insurance, the purpose is transfer of risk on any third party. Various subjects (various funds, state bodies, the enterprises) at the same time can perform functions of the guarantor it is necessary to observe the principle of equal mutual usefulness, i.e. the desirable guarantor can be interested in unique service, joint project implementation;
  • dismissal of incompetent workers.