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Test your Forex market knowledge

  1. Money it is recommended:
    postpone to "black day";
    at once to spend;
    debt at interest;
    invest to generate income.

  2. Optimal amount of money to be deposited:
    10% -40% of monthly income;
    50% of monthly income;
    most saved;
    more than 50% of monthly income.

  3. "Risk currencies" means:
    currencies of the export countries of raw materials;
    currencies of developing countries;
    currencies that do not meet international standards;
    currencies whose banknotes do not have the maximum degree of protection.

  4. What is the primary task of assigning a Stoploss level?
    to get an additional profit;
    to limit risks;
    to open the transaction;
    all three are correct.

  5. Before you make a deal, you need to know:
    the price at which you want to close the transaction on profit;
    the price at which you want to close the transaction when you receive losses;
    maximum transaction time;
    all answers are right.

  6. Market participants who are interested in lowering the value of currency are called:

  7. The protective currency is:
    currency with comprehensive counterfeit protection;
    the currency provided with gold;
    a currency strengthening during periods of market anxiety and uncertainty;
    the currency on the bank deposit.

  8. Investment amount in Lamm account:
    depends on the terms of the offer;
    there can be any;
    at least $1000;
    no more than $5000.

  9. The income of the broker working on the agency model is:
    loss of the client;
    percentage of customer profit;
    spread and swap;
    everything listed above.

  10. The strongest fundamental factor in the Forex market is considered:
    macroeconomic statistics;
    monetary policy of the world 's central banks;
    statements of political figures;
    all factors are equivalent.

  11. Monetary policy divergence is called:
    in differential;

  12. Hedging opens the reverse position to
    receive a signal for purchase;
    receive a signal for sale;
    to protect the main transaction;
    to record the main transaction.

  13. Which sessions are the most aggressive?
    american and asian;
    american and european;
    asian and european;
    australian and japanese.

  14. What is the main task of Takeprofit-level machines?
    to get an additional profit;
    to limit risks;
    to close the transaction;
    all three are correct.

  15. What does not apply to the basic postulates of technical analysis?
    prices depend on supply and demand;
    history repeats itself;
    asset price movements take all factors into account;
    the prices move directionally.

  16. What are the names of Forex 's mathematical market analysis tools?
    technical indicators;
    fundamental indicators;
    expected values;
    the mixed values.

  17. What is the main principle of the Forex market?
    exchange of shares;
    currency sales;
    exchange of one currency to another;
    all answers are right.

  18. The price offered by the marketer for purchase is called:

  19. Which regional market is not part of Forex?

  20. What is the name of a standard contract in the Forex market?