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Internal project risks

Based on an analysis of internal project risks, risks that have a significant impact on project design and implementation have been identified.

Internal project risks:

Type of risk Typical risks
Risks of business processes - Risk of longer project life
- Risk of inadequate business structure
Financial risks - Project Cost Increase Risk (Cost Excess over Projected Funding Requirement)
- Risk of Default
Market risks - Marketing risk
- Price risk
- Competitive risk
Personnel Risks - Risks related to executive personnel
Information risks - Risk of leakage of confidential information

Based on the analysis, it has been determined that business process risks are critical risks. The risk of inadequate business structure and the risk of delays in the project can have a significant impact on the formation and implementation of the investment project of the enterprise. These risks can be assessed as least likely only if the enterprise has a well-established internal structure, regulated business processes and an optimal technological network.

According to the analysis carried out, it was found that the critical risks of the entire internal risks of the project are business process risks.

Risks of business processes:

Type of risk Reason Consequences Measures for minimization
Risk of longer project life - Delay in financing;
- Lack of qualified personnel.
- Deteriorating financial performance of the project;
- Deviation from the project plan.
- Interim monitoring of the project progress, timely adjustments in terms of time and resources;
- Flexible reallocation of resources.
Risk of inadequate business structure - Inefficiency of envisaged business processes and organizational structure. - Reducing the efficiency of the project; < br > - Decrease in the quality of the products produced. - Re-engineering business processes of the enterprise;
- Implementation of quality management standards.