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Management model risks in the service industry

The management model risks of the enterprises of the service industry allowing to use as much as possible possibilities of improving competitiveness of the enterprise is given below.

Drawing. Service Risk Management Model

Service Risk Management Model

Ensuring implementation of the made decisions is supposed through practical methods of the organization of risk management which assumes:

  • allocation of the main objectives and functions connected with risk management, planning of actions for risk reduction, determination of forms of their financing;
  • rational combination of all elements of a management system: task allocation on levels of management, forming of divisions (training of specialists) on risk management, distribution of the rights, duties and powers for ensuring effective management of risks;
  • reinforcing of information flows and technical support of risk management.

Certain organizational efforts, finance and other costs are necessary for creation at the enterprise of effective risk management system. Practice shows that most we accept option when risk management is formed as a special subsystem in an enterprise management system or specialized division in an organizational structure.