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Methods of compensation of risks

Is considered the main lines of a method of risk management as compensation of risks.

Methods of compensation of risks are connected with creation of mechanisms of prevention of danger. Methods compensation of risks are more labor-consuming and demand extensive preliminary analytical work for their effective application:

  • strategic planning of activity as a method compensation of risk gives positive effect if development of strategy covers all fields of activity of the enterprise. Stages of work on strategic planning can remove the most part of uncertainty, allow to foresee emergence of bottlenecks at project implementation, in advance to identify sources of risks and to develop compensating measures, the plan of use of reserves;
  • forecasting of an external situation, i.e. periodic development of scenarios of development and assessment of future state of the environment of managing for project participants, forecasting of behavior of partners and actions of competitors general economic forecasting;
  • monitoring of the social and economic and standard and legal environment assumes tracking of the current information on the corresponding processes. Wide use of informatization - acquisition and permanent updating of systems of standard reference information, connection to networks of commercial information, carrying out own expected and analytical researches, involvement of consultants is necessary. The obtained data will allow to catch trends of development of relationship between economic entities, will give time for preparation for standard innovations, will give an opportunity to take adequate measures for compensation of losses from new rules of business activities and to correct operating and strategic plans;
  • creation of a system of reserves this method is close to insurance, but concentrated in the enterprise. At the enterprise safety stocks of raw materials, the materials completing, reserve funds of money are created, plans of their use in crisis situations are developed, free capacities are not involved. Development of financial strategy for management of the assets and liabilities with the organization of their optimum structure and adequate liquidity of invested funds is relevant;
  • personnel training and its instructing.