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Preventive risk management

Preventive risk management is the process of development and realization of the coordinated anticipatory actions aimed at prevention and minimization of damage from influence of risks of the enterprise and maximizing opportunities of the subject of an entrepreneurship at positive influence of risks developing on the basis of scientific approach.

The concept of preventive risk management of industrial enterprise is based on the basic principles and methods of system classification of risks, modular forming and situational modeling of a system of risks, corrections of measures of preventive risk management, forming of a system of indicators of identification of risks and theoretical provisions of prevention of risks of wrong decisions at management of business activities of industrial structures. The combined approach to preventive risk management of industrial enterprise assumes use of two contours of feedback providing correction of a system of potential risks by results of monitoring of risks and correction of actions for preventive risk management by results of efficiency evaluation of these actions.

We will consider of the recommendation about preventive risk management of industrial enterprise, directed to increase in efficiency of this sphere of business activity:

  • The system of preventive risk management of an industrial entrepreneurship has to realize a feedback mechanism of the made management decisions and performance indicators of business activity.
  • For the purpose of simplification of implementation of preventive risk management of industrial enterprises it is expedient to use, constructed on the basis of the developed system of basic modules, the kernel of a system of risks corrected taking into account specifics of risks of the considered enterprise.
  • Assessment of the impact of a system of risks on efficiency of an industrial entrepreneurship is recommended to be carried out on the basis of estimates of the expected and limit changes of a key indicator of efficiency of growth of business - coefficient of steady rise, received with use of the analytical methods and methods of situational modeling developed in the thesis business - processes and the system of the risks directed to assessment of final economic risks
  • For the purpose of identification and monitoring of risks it is recommended to use the kernel of a system of indicators of identification of risks complemented with the specific indicators characteristic of the considered enterprise.
  • For the purpose of the preventive risk management directed to evasion from risks and decrease in weight of consequences of their realization need to introduce in the organization a personnel training system methods of prevention of risks of wrong management decisions and expeditious acceptance of management decisions in the risk environment. At large and medium-sized enterprises for this purpose it is necessary to use the training complexes providing realization of SMEP - technologies and a possibility of efficiency analysis of the made management decisions.
  • Sectors of risk management service should be built on components of a basic link of a system of indicators of identification of risks: "Finance", "Clients and an external environment", "Internal business - processes" and "Training and growth" with allocation of the general division programmatically - analytical assessment. For prevention of structural risk on large industrial enterprises and holdings it is expedient to provide analytical service as which forecasting of the market situation of sale and development of recommendations about restructuring of expenses has to enter.
  • At management business - process "Sale" it is necessary to apply the flexible system of motivation of personnel based on monitoring of the risk factors caused by violations by personnel of regulations of management to data business - process.