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Sudden risks

Sudden risks (force majeure, event risks) are risks associated with eliminating the dangers of adverse effects of those phenomena that were not or could not be taken into account in advance.

Sudden risks are divided into the following groups:

  • Risks of natural events, natural disasters;
    - risk of partial or total loss of facilities as a result of collapses, fires, natural disasters or other events.
  • Employee termination/disability risks;
    - risks of dismissal, injuries, illness and other causes causing the disability of key employees in the organization's activities.
  • Risks of challenging an organization's rights;
    - risk of claims and lawsuits against the company by third parties in connection with its activities.
    - risk of fines, penalties.
  • Public unrest risks.
    - risk of rallies, military operations, etc., accompanied by public unrest and making it difficult for the organization to carry out its activities.