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Articles on a subject risk management, risk-management

Risks of forex trading
Four risk groups in the forex market are considered and managed

Sudden risks
Define and classify sudden risks/

Risk management in the forex market
Article states osnovy approaches and orders (limited and the stop order) for risk minimization at a game on Forex.

Article about a concept hedging, about hedging operakhiya, etc.

Risks of the leasing companies - minimization or management
In article risk management methods, for the purpose of the analysis of a possibility of their use for the leasing companies were allocated.

Methodology of OCTAVE
In article the essence of a technique and the procedure of its implementation reveal.

Principles of investment risk management of the electricity complex enterprise
Principles of formation and functioning of the model of integrated management of investment risks of the electric power complex enterprise are considered.

Risk factors in construction
Various risk factors of project-oriented construction enterprises are considered.

Logistical risks
The concept of logistical risks and their classification are discussed.

History of developing risk management standardization
The article gives a historical excursion of world standardization in the field of risk management.

The most typical errors of risk managers.

Global energy market risk factors.