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Risk functions

It is possible to note the following risk functions:

1. the stimulating risk function which is shown in two aspects:

  • constructive aspect which consists in a research of sources of risk at design of transactions and systems, designing of special devices, transactions, forms of the transactions excluding or reducing possible consequences of risk as a negative variance;
  • destructive aspect which is shown that implementation of decisions with unexplored or unreasonable risk can lead to realization of objects or transactions which belong to adventurous, forcible;
2. protective risk function has also two aspects:
  • the historical and genetic aspect consists that legal entities and physical persons are forced to look for means and forms of protection against undesirable realization of risk;
  • the social and legal aspect consists in objective need of legislative fixing of a concept of "legitimacy of risk", legal regulation of an insurance activity;
3. the compensating risk function can provide the compensating effect (positive compensation), i.e. additional in comparison with planned profit in case of favorable termination (realization of chance);

4. social and economic risk function which consists that in the course of market activity the risk and the competition allows to distinguish social groups of effective owners in public classes, and in economy - fields of activity in which we accept risk. Intervention of the state in risk situations in the markets (including guarantees, for example, in the financial and credit sphere) limits efficiency of social and economic risk function. In the social plan it distorts the principles of equality for all market participants from various industries that can generate an imbalance of risks in branches of economy.