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System of insurance of industrial risks

Within the system of insurance of industrial risks it is possible to allocate several subsystems: insurance of standard property risks; technical risks insurance; liability insurance; insurance of entrepreneurial and financial risks.

  • Insurance of standard property risks
    - proprietary insurance (buildings, constructions, equipment);
    - insurance of automobiles;
    - insurance of cargo transportation.
  • Technical risks insurance
    - insurance of construction risks; - insurance of machines and mechanisms upon breakages;
    - electronic equipment insurance and equipments.
  • Liability insurance
    - liability insurance when carrying out installation and construction works;
    - liability insurance for damnification as a result of accident on hazardous production facility;
    - liability insurance of leading employees;
    - insurance of the all-civil responsibility;
    - liability insurance for goods quality, works (services).
  • Insurance of entrepreneurial and financial risks
    - insurance upon a break in production;
    - insurance of investment risks;
    - insurance of the innovation risks;
    - risks insurance of foreign economic activity.

The subsystems of risks insurance, industrial enterprises accompanying activity considered above, in case of their complex application can give high economic effect for the insurer.